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Voyage Century
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Voyage Century Description

Embark on your own epic journey in this free-to-play, maritime MMO. Set in 15th Century Europe, you take to the seas in your own vessel to discover lands and great treasure...


It is the Age of Exploration and the great powers are ruthlessly expanding to capture riches and valuable resources around the world. Create your character in Voyage Century to pursue hope, you travel the world for adventure and good fortune.

Take part in large, real-time sea battles with hundreds of other ships. Voyage Century puts players right into the action with various ships and tactics at your disposal. Take the fight to the enemy with powerful cannons or attempt to board their ship, the choice is up to you.

Voyage Century offers players the chance to be traders as well. With more than 150 different kinds of resources to be traded and gathered, there is always spots opening on the market waiting for you to apply your economic prowess and make unlimited riches. The Genuine Finance Systems regulates prices according to supply/demand and, like a real trade market, has fluctuating prices.

The numerous quests available to players in Voyage Century is sure to keep you adventuring for hours. Battle evil pirates while exploring the world during extensive quests and reveal hidden treasures. Search world renowned landmarks for hidden secrets such as the Pyramids of Egypt or the palace in Beirut.

Sailing is about discovering and high adventure. Many dangerous and exciting things await you in Voyage Century. Build your wealth by gathering and selling resources on the life-like market system. Participating in epic sea battles and going toe-to-toe with villainous pirates are just some of the things players can expect on their journeys.

by Kyle Hayth

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