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VM Manager
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VM Manager Description

In this free manager browser-based game, players are given the chance to test their skills as coach and manager of their own pro beach volleyball team...


VM Manager puts you in charge of your own volleyball team, managing the recruitment, training and performance of players, as well as your club's finances and court infrastructure. You start the browser game VM Manager by deciding on a team name and nationality, after which you will be assigned a certain budget to get your club off the ground. This budget can be used to acquire new players, upgrade your volleyball sports hall, and construct new infrastructure such as a training hall, doctor's surgery, psychologist's cabinet and gym. Another method of earning revenue is through advertising – companies wishing to sponsor your club will pay you a certain fee per match to advertise.

In the free-to-play browser game VM Manager you are also able to employ a wide variety of staff to help manage and coach your up-and-coming volleyball team. Hire professional coaches who specialize in a variety of skills including discipline, adaptability, youth training, physical training, technical training, psychology and motivation, and employ physiotherapists to help provide a speedy recovery for injured players. For each match played in the simulation game VM Manager you must strategically plan which players will head to the court, what their positions will be, as well as their game play.

You are able to purchase new players using the in-game transfer system, which contains an overview of vital statistics including age, nationality and match history. In VM Manager your team starts out by playing friendly matches and league matches. Through consistent victory and success your team can move up through the ranks eventually striving for the Champions League and Federation Cup.

by Kyle Hayth

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