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Virtonomics Description

Go from small town business to global conglomerate in this economic simulation game. Create a business empire from the ground up by using trade, stocks and industry to solidify yourself as a tycoon...


Virtonomics is an economic simulation game that is played in your internet browser. Create a business firm and attempt to forge a worldwide corporation. Use your knowledge of business, management and industries to make sure that you have the most successful business venture.

There are many assets available to you in Virtonomics. A complex system of graphs, charts and information is available to you but is not overwhelming. There are manufacturing sectors to keep an eye on while managing over 100 different resources that you can buy, sell or trade.

Virtonomics is a strategy game that spans the world round. Players hail from over 40 countries and the game is playable in French, English or Chinese. Not only do you play against other players, you also compete against computer controlled businesses that are trying to knock you out of the economic race.

There are also quests given to you in Virtonomics. By completing these quests, you can earn achievements and gain a better understanding of the mechanics involved in economics. This will also introduce you to the basic concepts of the game. Because of this, it requires no previous knowledge or in-depth game play to enjoy.

The world is waiting for the next big company to emerge and you could be the CEO. Create your business and test your knowledge and skills in economics against thousands of other players around the world. Manage resources and financial reports to gain an edge on your competitors to become the leader your industry, and the business community.

by Kyle Hayth

Virtonomics Screenshots

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