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Virgo Galaxy
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Virgo Galaxy Description

A free-to play browser game with a social twist, this space MMO takes you far into the depths of universe, where three factions battle each other for ultimate control of the universe...


The distant Virgo Galaxy is home to over 2,000 planets and is divided into four unique clusters of stars each located on their own arm - namely Zemia, Maruce, Nausaari and Atherio. The free-to-play science fiction game combines elements of role-playing, strategy and social networking.

Online game Virgo Galaxy gives you plenty of opportunities to connect with other players and form lifelong friendships. It is important to keep your friends close and your enemies closer in this space-themed game, as networking is the difference between success and failure.

There are three races who are engaged in an epic battle for territory control. These include the Zemian, Minoid and Attery. The Zemians are comprised of human beings, who have a powerful ability to re-heal the cells within their life centers. They reside in the Zemia star cluster and run a mighty organization named Zemia Union.

The Minoids in Virgo Galaxy are a cyborg race, with an astounding ability to reproduce other cyborgs in their hives. They reside in the Maruce star cluster and run the Maruce State organization. The Attery are an alien-like race with powerful artificial immune systems. They reside in the Atherio star cluster and run the Atherio Federation. You must choose your desired race in this sci-fi browser game and join them in the fight for dominance of the universe.

In free-to-play browser game Virgo Galaxy you can embark on a number of special missions, the core element of the game. Each mission reveals more of the mysteries behind the Virgo Galaxy. Quests are a secondary component in the sci-fi MMORPG and provide you with the opportunity to earn rewards and engage in exciting ‘capture the flag’ matches. Tournaments are the third aspect of combat in the game, and can involve up to 128 players at a time.

by Kyle Hayth

Virgo Galaxy Screenshots

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