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Vindictus Description

Hack your way to glory, as you take on terrifying enemies in a vast world, darkened under the spell of The Legend. Protect the frightened souls from lurking evil and change the course of history...


The brutal MMORPG, Vindictus, takes you to a land where the survivors hide in fear from the monstrous creatures of the outside world and have only one hope to get them through their days – the dream of the paradisiacal land of Erinn. They sit and wait in the hope that a dark-winged angel will appear to save them.

However, while they wait for the arrival of their saviour, it is upon you to defend these towns and face the evils alone or with your party members – only through strategy, teamwork and vigilance will be lead to victory.

In the free-to-play client game Vindictus, you can choose from one of five characters – the speedy and relentless Lann, the balanced and supportive Fiona, the bewitching Evie, the towering giant Karok and the spiritual archer Kai. Each character is highly customisable, including their hair colour, hair style, height, makeup, eyebrows and eye colour. From the additional supportive NPCs you receive information, tips and advice – but beware of who you can trust in the village.

Vindictus takes you into a fast-paced 3D fantasy world where the air is dense with despair, and the battles never stop. Craft one of hundreds of items to help you in battle, and become a master of weaponry as you engage in challenging battles against horrifying creatures. Sell and buy various items at the marketplace, and participate in engaging game play.

Full of bloodshed and corpses, Vindictus takes you to a whole new sadistic level of combat. Published by Nexon Europe and based on Celtic mythology, Vindictus uses source engine physics, high end graphics and destructible interactive environments to transport you right to the core of the action. With endless brutal quests and an ever-changing landscape, you are never left with a moment's rest in this action-packed role-playing game.

by Kyle Hayth

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