Villagers and Heroes: First Expansion Has Arrived in Free-to-Play MMORPG

10/28/2011 04:50 am in News

The first major expansion for the free-to-play MMORPG, A Mystical Land, is ready for anyone and everyone to experience. "The Villages", as the update is called, adds a new feature to the game, allowing guilds to found villages and players to own houses!
Villagers and Heroes

Villagers and Heroes

The community just got a lot more cozy thanks to the first update, The Villages, to the online game, A Mystical Land. This update allows players to be homeowners, become seasoned gardeners and gives guilds a place to call their own.

To found a village, a guild must have at least 10 members and do a little bit of prep work before getting started. Founding a village requires a Town Hall Bell, Town Notice Board, Town Flag and Buckets of Paint. The founder will become the mayor as long as he/she is part of the guild and owns a home in the village. You can even create an “open” village, meaning anyone can live there!

With The Villages update to A Mystical Land individual players can become homeowners. Every character will be able to purchase his/her own house for 20 Copper Ore, 20 Iron Ore, 20 Pine and 5000 Gold. You will be given 14 days free rent once your home is constructed, but after that you must begin to pay in order to continue using it. However, if rent is late, you are still allowed to use your garden – so no worries about your beautiful flowers. Just remember to pay on time!

In addition to houses and gardens, players of A Mystical Land will also be able to utilize the new gathering spots in the villages. These will first have to be stocked up before they can be used but once ready to go, you will be able to gather with a lower failure rate. The bigger the village is, the lower the failure rate is.

Source: Game homepage
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