Villagers and Heroes
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Villagers and Heroes
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Villagers and Heroes Description

Discover a free-to-play online game set in a rich and colorful 3D world. Join the many exciting adventures from your browser or through your facebook account...


Villagers and Heroes of a Mystical Land is a massively multiplayer online game, developed not only for your browser, but alsofor facebook and mobile devices. The online game combines traditional MMOG elements of role-playing and PvE with more casual elements including mini-games, and crafting.

You can design, construct and decorate your own home and garden in Villagers and Heroes of a Mystical Land, personalizing it to suit your tastes. You are able to expand your ranch and even run your own farm. When starting the browser game, you adopt the role of one of four character classes. The classes in A Mystical Land include the magical Wizard, the brave Warrior, the deft Archer and the spiritual Healer.

Once you have chosen your character, you can begin your adventure right away by roaming across and discovering the vast land. Be prepared to face many monsters along the way, and earn rewards by fighting and defeating them. Your character may choose to accept exciting quests in order to gain new skills, collect special items and earn rewards. The more experienced your character is, the more successful you will be in the free-to-play game Villagers and Heroes of a Mystical Land.

There are a host of other fun activities to participate in, ranging from fishing for fresh catch to cooking up a storm in the kitchen, as well as mining for precious resources and testing your crafting and blacksmithing skills. The quirky 3D graphics in Villagers and Heroes of a Mystical Land ensure an interactive environment. Enjoy cooperative game play with thousands of other players online, and join the exciting world of adventure that is the online game A Mystical land.

by Kyle Hayth

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