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Vega Conflict
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Vega Conflict Description

Vega Conflict is a free-to-play, browser-based strategy game set in a sci-fi universe where skills, strategy and tactical prowess rule. The RTS game requires players to build, expand and upgrade space stations to dominate the galaxy.


Vega Conflict offers one of the richest real-time strategy experiences of any browser-based title. The free-to-play science fiction title from Kixeye allows you to create a space empire through expansion of a personal space station. Power begins by hunting for precious resources and strategically leveraging you to research new technologies and upgrade key modules. All of this in an effort to create a devastating fleet to assault other players or the computer-controlled federations in real-time combat.

In Vega Conflict, players begin on a massive floating hull of metal. With few resources to their name, the ship remains largely derelict with only the core set of modules running. From this point on, it’s up to the captain to decide what to focus on, gather resources, create an offensive fleet or pillage other players. The game design enables players to focus on resources or spread them across various endeavors, unlocking the creative freedom to modify one strategy at any moment.

The combat is fast, focused and furious. You can initiate a real-time battle with other players or computer-controlled fleets to loot resources. Battles keep you engaged through the wide range of fleet choices. From tech options to loadouts, no fleet needs to be the same, enabling captains to focus on an opponent’s weakness rather than forcing an assault.

Unlike many other MMORTS titles, Vega Conflict is as enjoyable for casual players as it is for hardcore gamers. The combat system is designed to negate the need to farm others, even outright denying it after a player has been incapacitated. Easy to understand, hard to master, Vega Conflict is the perfect option for strategic space cadets. Come join tens of thousands of other players in this intergalactic battle for dwindling resources, piracy, trade and destruction.

Vega Conflict Screenshots

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