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Vast Wars
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Vast Wars Description

Vast Wars is a free browser-based simulation game that throws players into a world of crime and corruption. As a mean mobster or a ruthless business man you have one goal: earning as much money as possible.


You enter the world of Vast Wars as a new-born baby but here, time truly flies. After only a few minutes, you’ll graduate from school and be thrown into the middle of your highly illegal life. Choose your country and decide which infamous profession will be your specialization. Players can become a successful business person, a ruthless mobster or a police officer.

There are distinctive pros and cons depending on which side you choose to take into consideration. As a business man (or woman) you will get a special speed bonus that enhances your training. However, if you’re mugged by a mobster you’ll lose quite a bit of money. Mobsters begin in the world of Vast Wars with a special strength bonus thanks to experience gathered in previous street fights. Unfortunately, mobsters are described as quite stupid and untrustworthy. Policemen on the other hand are equipped with increased self-defense skills.

After choosing a profession, the training begins. You need to improve your skills in order to become the most powerful player in this browser game. Training forces you to commit crimes that earn you experience points and money - unless you get caught and convicted. You also have to create your own city by building different facilities. For example a gym, a brothel, an airport and, of course, your own house. Every building has a specific function. In the gym, you improve your strength, defense and speed. The more you train, the better your chances of successfully committing crimes.

In the free-to-play browser game Vast Wars, you are constantly trying to improve your living arrangements, buy better houses, more powerful weapons and build your career as professional criminal. You hire prostitutes to increase your income and join the stock market to multiply your earnings. There’s also a chance to prove your loyalty towards your country by fighting against other players and earning points for your nation in this mafia online game.

Vast Wars Screenshots

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