Vanguard: Still Going Strong With a New Raid Zone

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With more than just a handful of games on their plate, Sony Online Entertainment sure has plenty of work ahead of them. All the buzz about EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark has outshone one of the most classic MMORPGs out there, namely Vanguard. The free-to-play online game is far from being yesterday’s news, especially with a couple of new features coming up.

The development team's main focus lies on upgrading the overall system to reduce lag that the community has been complaining about. According to the publisher, further details will be announced once the actual implementation is imminent. There’s one thing for certain, however: The new raid zone, Cave of Wonders, won’t be released until most of the performance issues have successfully been fixed and thoroughly tested.
Initially planned to launch at the end of this month, Cave of Wonders still needs a little bit of work before it can be unleashed to the masses. That will give the devs enough time to prepare all four individual installments of the raid zone, introduce new crafting content and also work on adding another function to the already existing Mentor System. Players will soon be able to use Mentor Stones to scale down their characters, enabling them to revisit low-level dungeons, find valuable equipment and battle it out against challenging monster bosses. Here’s the order of future content updates:
  • Major Performance Upgrades
  • Mentor Stones
  • Additional Mentor Stones Functionality
  • Cave of Wonders - Entry Wing
  • Cave of Wonders - Additional Wings
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