Vanguard: Sony Online Entertainment Says Free-to-Play Is Now Live

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It looks like Vanguard, a fantasy MMORPG, is finally free-to-play. Sony Online Entertainment has sent out a press release saying that players can now log in and join in the fantasy action without having to pay a dime.

The business model change has not come without any new content either. Along with the free-to-play announcement, it has also been stated that the MMORPG will be headed in a new direction which includes new game enhancements, regular updates and loads of new content.

SOE recognized the successful evolution of free-to-play online gaming early on and we were one of the first publishers to truly embrace the business model... We have a long history of providing rich and compelling content to our online worlds through the free-to-play model, and with Vanguard's transition, we continue that legacy with one of our most popular titles.

John Smedley, President, Sony Online Entertainment

There are two different memberships available in Vanguard. Those players who wish to pay nothing can be a Free Member which will give access to a selection of races and classes. All classes are playable up to level 20, while some others are playable all the way up to level 55. Gold members are players who subscribe to the title and will give a no-restrictions access to all of the game’s content, as well as additional features such as 12 character slots and unlimited coin acquisition.

Source: Press release
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