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Vanguard Description

Dive into a magical and ancient world, full of intrigue and adventures. Face mighty challengeswhich you have to complete in order to save the world of Telon.


Two massive continents and an extensive archipelago, hiding numerous and challenging dungeons, await you in the free-to-play online world of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. An unstable alliance between the different races of the world of Telons was forged through diplomacy in order to defend the populace and work for the greater good. The areas in the north are being terrorized by a terrible plague that cannot be stopped. The deserts in the south are seeing ancient elements come to life as they spring from the earth. The population of the Jungles of Kojan must also defend themselves against a threat that appears to not be of this world.

The world of Vanguard is in need of heroes and you can become one of those much needed legends. It is time for your journey through the lands of Telon to begin. Create your own character from one of 19 different races and 15 different classes. Discover a massive world that is caught in the turmoil of war and on the back of a dragon. Dozens of mounts are also available to players that will be at your side throughout your adventures. You get to write your own story in the world of Vanguard.

When going into battle you will have to prove you have what it takes. Unleash devastating attacks on your enemies and special combo attacks that will help you claim victory. However, there is much more than just battles in Vanguard.

Use the power of words and experience the fantasy world as a diplomat, as speech is one of the most powerful weapons in the world of Vanguard. Create your own home and furnish it how you see fit. Perhaps you are more of a crafter? Collect raw materials and create items or sell them to fill your coffers!

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