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Urban Rivals
What to expect:
  • Play for Free Online
  • Countless Different Cards to Collect
  • Build the Perfect Deck
  • Battle Against Real Players
  • Play Directly in your Browser
  • Browser Games
  • Strategy
  • Trading Card Games
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  • Multiplayer
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Play Urban Rivals for Free Online!

Choose your own cards and build the perfect deck to claim victory. Urban Rivals is a free-to-play action-packed card game that you can play online!


Urban Rivals is a strategic card game that is great for any kind of TGC player. Whether you want to prove your skills in duels, or complete your collection of powerful cards, this game has it all.

There are thousands of cards to collect, each with powerful effects and abilities. It takes a skilled player oto choose the right cards and build the perfect deck to emerge victorious at the end of a duel. Each card has its own strenths and weaknesses, but can also be upgraded to become even more powerful.

Battle with Friends

Urban Rivals is a truly social game. You can play online aginst one of the thounsands of real players online, or ask your friends for a friendly game. If you want to create a guild with your online friends and show the world who the champions really are, then you can try to get to the top of the ranked leaderboard for all of your rivals to see.

When you start your Urban Rivals adventure, you'll get a Starter Kit which includes eight character cards which you can use to make a name for yourself rigth from the beginning. By simply exchanging or purchasing, you can expand and improve your portfolio.

Fight for the Top Spot

Having a good set of cards alone is not enough to establish yourself as a good player in Urban Rivals; you need to use skill and tactics to reach the top of the ladder. You need to be able to train your character and upgrade your cards. As you take part in numerous matches you'll see how fast your character develops and what amazing abilities they acquire. In addition, there are all kinds of huge bonuses in th game which boost the abilities of your hero and help win games. As in many other similar games, Urban Rivals is mainly about the strength and skill of the player, and not just about the cards or boosts that they have. As your character develops in Urban Rivals, they change appearance so that you can show your opponents just how much of a skilled player you are.

Urban Rivals is completely free-to-play, and cane be played online in your browser, or on-the-go on iOS and Android devices. Click the button below to get involved with Urban Rivals.

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