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UNO & Friends
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UNO & Friends Description

This classic card game is now available on your mobiles and tablets - finally! Outwit your friends in a nail-biting online game of the famous UNO, where you must wield a set of cards and strategize your every move!


UNO is one of those games that came out of no where over 40 years ago and was instantly a hit! Originating from America, this simple game reinvented what we knew about card games introducing a fun and exciting, yet challenging and intense game. Thankfully, Gameloft (NFL Pro 2013) has developed UNO & Friends, bringing this quirky card game to your mobiles and tablets, allowing you to play online with your friends or with other UNO fans from around the world.

So, a bit about about the basics. UNO is a card game that is easy to play with very simple rules making the game appropriate for all ages. That being said, the game requires logical thinking where players can adopt a number of strategies to try and outwit their opponents. In turns, each player puts down a card from their set which has been drawn from a shuffled pack that is split between the group. The player whose turn it is must place down a card which they see as the best response to the card which is currently on the top of the pile. There are a number of special cards which a player can use when they see fit, such as the 'pick up four' card. The player who only has one card left must declare it by saying UNO! If they manage to put their remaining card down, they have won the game. Needless to say, the other players at this time will be doing all they can to ensure that the UNO player won't be able to put that card down. The game quickly goes from each one fending for themselves to working together.

UNO & friends, lets you play this exciting card game with other people online, straight from your mobile devices. There are UNO tournaments that you can enter to see if you can beat the best of the best, plus there are multiple different set of themed UNO cards!

This mobile game is free to play and download and is available for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

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