Universal Monsters Online
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Universal Monsters Online
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Universal Monsters Online Description

Take part in adventures as part of a legendary cast of monsters and discover the world with such figures as Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster. The unsuspecting townsfolk are waiting...


In Universal Monsters Online you will come face to face with monsters that you know out of some of the most popular films in history. Loads of action awaits you while you venture forth with your monster companions to terrorize and create havoc.

Those pesky pitchforks and torches won't run off you or your companions this time as you wander through towns and villages in Universal Monsters Online. Watch the people run from you as they have never seen a monster like you before...

As you instill fear in people and disrupt the daily life of villagers, you will have the chance to better your fighting style of your monster. Along with a host of other monsters, you will prove to the world of Universal Monsters Online that you and your monster brethren are not to be trifled with!

With monsters around you like Dracula and even Wolfman, you can take on any adventures and dangers that would threaten you in Universal Monsters Online. Travelling through renowned scenery and places seen only in movies, you will come across things that you could have never expected and will challenge your skills.

Imagine a world overrun by monsters and where the villages are waiting in fear for the coming of a terrible horde is constantly terrorizing them. Well, this is the world of Universal Monsters Online – a world where you get to be a monster and team up with famous characters that come to life from the silverscreen.

by Kyle Hayth

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