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United GP
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United GP Description

As the manager of your very own racing team, you have to take care of everything relating to each and every member. You start off with simple vehicles which will soon turn into quick racing cars!


Slip into the role of the motivated manager of a racing team in this free-to-play mobile game. Make sure that your team wins race after race, as the public will measure your skills according to your drivers’ success. Up to 20 other players participate in each race. Travian Games’ (Travian Kingdoms, Travian 4) United GP challenges you to become the most accomplished racing manager of them all!

But first things first: Naturally, you start off on a rather small scale as a manager. You need to acquire a certain amount of funding first before you can spend your money on fancy things. There are many organizational tasks for you to complete before you can send your first driver into a race. First, you look for drivers. After all, your cars won’t drive on their own, now, will they? Choose a driver and send them into a thorough training. You want to improve their stamina, strength, and anything else that is essential for making them an optimal contestant. If they are up to par once their contract expires, you may keep them, otherwise sell them and keep your eyes open for the next big racing star. Your second step is to select a vehicle and customize it according to your team’s requirements.

Your goal is to climb the classes in United GP. The “Pro” class allows you to play in a world-class league and battle it out in a fixed player field. Many other classes will follow afterwards. In order to win a race, you will need more than just a great car and a smart and capable driver. Naturally, the right strategy allows you to separate yourself from the crowd. Choose the moment when your driver is supposed to make a pit stop, which wheels to use, etc. If you make the right decisions before and during a race, you are bound to come out on top.

United GP is available for free in the browser of your choice or on your iPhones and iPads. Keep in mind however that the racing manager requires iOS 6.0 and up.

United GP Screenshots

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