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Under Control
What to expect:
  • Play for Free in Your Browser - No Download Necessary
  • Send Diverse Types of Troops into Battle
  • Decide What Each Troop Should Do in Battle
  • Build a Strong Military Base
  • Upgrade Your Individual Troops
  • Browser Games
  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Online Games
  • Strategy
  • Real Time Strategy
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Play Under Control and Battle It Out in Real Time

Things are heating up in Under Control! You will be in the midst of dangerous warfare in the Middle East!


Welcome to the year 2048. It is a time of war – lots of war. Headquarters and bases are constantly under attack, and soldiers are dying. You are a part of this never-ending conflict in the online game Under Control. You will head into battle with your very own troops. Every enemy that dares to stand in your way becomes a target! The evil brain behind all of the warfare in the Middle East is Colonel Snuff, a true villain. He is part of a dangerous organization called Specter who uses psi radiation to brainwash locals in the war zones. Colonel Snuff leads Specter’s troops in the Middle East where you find yourself in the beginning of the browser game. He is also responsible for the horrible Daglar massacre. It is up to you to finally stop him! You are the leader of various types troops who are willing to follow your every lead.

Come Up with a Clever Strategy

Obviously, you don’t want to let them down, which is why it is up to you to wisely lead them into battle. In Under Control, you journey from one level to the next by navigating through diverse maps. In each stage, your goal is to defeat all enemies and conquer Specter’s bases. You have to strategically plan your every move, as not ever troop is optimal at the forefront of battle.

  • Troopers are the basis of your army! You would be pretty bad off without them. They are not only effective against all types of soldiers, but also don’t mind being on the front of the lines.
  • Machine Gunners are really tough cookies. They are particularly effective against Infantry.
  • Snipers are also very effective against Infantry! They’re all about killing their enemies in one shot.
  • RPG Gunners are effective against vehicles. Their rocket launchers are supposedly made from the barrel of a tank gun.
  • Tanks are obviously always your reliable, simple, armored, and deadly solution! They are effective against all types of troops.

Upgrade and Improve Your Army

Naturally, you will constantly upgrade and improve your troops, simply by playing and defeating the enemies. Level up individual abilities and unlock new types of troops, as you make progress in Under Control.

The strategic browser game is available for free. All you have to do is register an account on the official homepage by clicking on the green button below. Play the online game in the browser of your choice!

Under Control Screenshots

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