Uncharted Waters Online
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Uncharted Waters Online
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Uncharted Waters Online Description

Take to the high seas and journey around the world in this MMORPG. Venture to the far corners of the earth in search of treasure and adventure as you fend off pirates and make allies on the waves...


Create your character and be the captain of your own ship in Uncharted Waters Online. Experience the life of a sailor as you gather valuable goods, discover new lands and battle pirates on the sea and land.

Uncharted Waters Online has not only a sea battle system but a land one as well. While some games restrict you to one or the other, in this game you can choose to fight pirates on the sea and then dock at a port and fight on land. However, it is not just fighting you will do while being on land. There are also many resources to gather and areas to discover.

By gathering resources you can make your money. In Uncharted Waters Online there is a valuable trade market between the New and Old Worlds and it is your job to get the wares there. By doing so you will earn your money so that you can improve your outfit/armor, buy new items or even buy a new ship.

The ship selection available to the players in Uncharted Waters Online is immense. There are three different types of ships: Trade type, Adventure type and Battle type. Depending on what class you are and what you want to accomplish in-game, you can select from the long list of ships.

Join up with friends in a fleet or lead the fleet yourself as admiral to complete quests that aren't available to your class or go into battle as a team. The benefits of teamwork are well-rewarded in Uncharted Waters Online with good quest items and fame points.

Become the master of the waves and prove yourself as captain of your ship. Bring the riches of the New World back to Europe to build your finances in order to purchase powerful ships such as the Super Frigate. Make friends and allies through completing quests together and adventure all over the globe in this maritime epic.

by Kyle Hayth

Uncharted Waters Online Screenshots

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