Ultima Forever: Shutting Down and Going Offline

08/04/2014 05:06 am by Anna Radak in NewsBrowser GamesFantasy

Ultima Forever

Ultima Forever

With new games popping up on a daily basis, some of the older online worlds have a harder and harder time attracting in new players. This seems to be the case for Ultima Forever, as Electronic Arts (Heroes of Dragon Age) is now planning to shut down all servers. You have until August 29th to explore every nook and cranny of Britannia, go on one last adventure with your friends and bid farewell to your characters. To make the last couple of weeks of Ultima Forever as fun as possible, things have been changed up a little bit. What's different, you ask?

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar

From now on, all players will have an easier time collecting Virtue and Reputation, finding golden keys (to unlock premium items) and keeping their gear in tip-top shape until the game goes offline.

If you want to keep in touch with other Ultima Forever players, head on over to the official Facebook page and share your favorite gaming memories with others. Who knows? You might stumble across other champions eager to tackle the toughest of challenges before the browser and mobile game is taken offline later this month.

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