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Ultima Forever
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Ultima Forever Description

Experience the first online role-playing game in the western world full of action and adventure. Dive into this fantasy world as a warrior or mage in the battle for Britania, as you attempt to defeat your enemies and become the all powerful avatar.


In the free-to-play online game, Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar, you will dive into a medieval fantasy world that is full of danger and adventure. Your journey will begin as an inexperienced adventurer on the side of good but as you travel across the lands of Britania, you will turn into a battle-hardened warrior. Your task is easy to explain, but hard to master - Take on the challenges before you and save the land of your ancestors. You have a long way ahead of you.
In countless battles you will prove that you have what it takes to master steel and spell. Mage or warrior, the choice is up to you in the action-packed game, Ultima Forever. During your battles, you will become a one man army as you take down some of the most powerful opponents you have ever encountered. As the warrior, you will pick up your blade and cut down monsters before you. However, as a mage, you will weave powerful spells into devastating attacks that will leave your enemies running for cover. Of course, warriors are the melee fights in the world of Ultima Forever, meaning they like getting up close and personal with their attacks and aren't afraid to dive into the fray. On the other hand, the mage tends to stay back and unleash attacks from afar.
In the free-to-play, client-based game, Ultima Forever, you will be able to choose if you wish to go on your adventures alone or with other players. During your adventures, you will not only have the chance to become the fabled Avatar, but also take part in the deep lore and history that is a part of the Ultima series. The early games in the series belong to some of the first online role-playing games ever made and now it is your turn to dive into this fantasy world and make it your own.

by Kyle Hayth

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