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UFO Online
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UFO Online Description

The aliens should have never been trusted and now we know they only want our resources. You must fight back as a member of one of the resistance and help remove the scourge from the planet.


Arriving with the promise to solve all of earth’s problems from energy sources, diseases and poverty, the aliens claimed they came in peace. However, this turned out not to be the case. In reality, the aliens came only to exploit the resources of the planet with complete disregard to humans. What bastards!

UFO Online - Fight for Earth pits you against these alien invaders that tricked the human race into believing their lies of peace and goodwill. Answer the call to arms and fight back for one of three resistance factions that hope to save mankind. It's time to pick up a weapon and take back what's rightfully yours!

You are in control of a squad of highly-specialized mercenaries in the 3D browser game UFO Online. Using strategy and the abilities of your units, you will have to fight against the AI and other players in turn-based combat. You can train your units and upgrade your weapons to really bring the fight to the invaders.

UFO Online features customizable bases that you can continually build and expand upon. Here, missions will be planned and strategies devised. You can research new technologies that will upgrade your weapons and troops, turning them into lethal squads of soldiers.

Developed using the Unity 3D Engine, UFO Online features high-quality graphics that are playable right in your browser. Experience detailed maps and intense battles as you take the fight to the evil invaders and prevent their complete domination of earth and its peoples.

Controlling a small but highly-trained squad of mercenaries, you must take back the planet from the lying invaders in UFO Online. Using strategy and tactics in a turn-based combat environment, you will have to navigate your way across detailed maps in a rich, 3D environment. Research new weapons and technology to make sure you have the edge on the aliens in order to take back earth and save mankind.

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