Tyrant Unleashed
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Tyrant Unleashed
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Tyrant Unleashed Description

Defeat both the tyrant and other players from around the world in card battles by playing the right minions, weapons and buildings. Want to rise to the top of the official ranking? Then strip your foes of their artifacts and lead your faction to victory!


Tyrant Unleashed is a card game which is not only free-to-play, but also available on both mobile devices and in the browser of your choice. Play at home, at work or on the go: It doesn’t really matter where you are, as long as you keep working on a perfect deck and are eager to take on other players as well as the tyrant himself. Here, you face tough boss monsters and players that tend to have sneaky tricks up their sleeves. The key to winning each and every battle in this mobile game is to be prepared for everything and think ahead. Filling the battlefield with sturdy structures and both offensive and defensive minions is always a good choice, as well. What could go wrong when you have an entire army of mech warriors and robots to keep you safe?

Your faction determines which cards are available to you in Tyrant Unleashed. After downloading the mobile app for free or signing up for the browser version, you are asked to join one of five unique organizations: Imperials, Raiders, Xeno, Righteos or the Bloodthirsty. They all follow a different strategy. Some may prefer a more in-your-face approach with aggressive units and special powers that deal massive damage, whereas others choose to stay back, relax and build up their defense to achieve victory. Pick the strategy you like best and feel free to mix and match with cards that you unlock along the way.

The more resources you collect by winning battles and completing missions, the stronger your cards get. Not automatically, of course. It is up to you to decide which cards are in dire need of an upgrade and could profit from a little stat boost. Other members of your faction will always be your allies and make for great guild comrades. Anyone from the other side of the fence, however, is a potential threat to your science fiction empire. Put them in their place in Tyrant Unleashed today!

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