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Tynon Description

Assemble a team of fantasy heroes by playing through quests, uncovering secrets and unlocking new characters in this browser game available for free. Upgrade, level up, and increase your power to claim victory and rule the online kingdom!


Welcome to a browser game that pays tribute to classic roleplaying games! In Tynon, you create a character and - right after choosing a class - you are thrown into your very first adventure. The princess has gone missing and it looks like she has been kidnapped by a horrifying abomination. Make your way through the fantasy world, slay zombies and undead monster dogs, unlock new levels and save the enchanted princess from the evil forces that have captured her soul. This free-to-play online game features turn-based battles, meaning that you and your enemy take turns in unleashing powerful attacks. Be stronger, be faster, be ruthless!

Tynon currently has three different classes for you to choose from, depending on what role you would like to fulfill while charging head-first into battle. While Blademasters wield magically enhanced swords and excel at dodging out of harm’s way, Warriors use their raw power to block and counter enemy attacks. Archers, on the other hand, prefer to stay further back and wreak havoc from a safe distance. Their specialty lies in landing critical hits, meaning special attacks that cause much more damage than normal. Pick the class that you enjoy the most - and even if you come to realize that you would like to try another character, there’s nothing stopping you from simply starting the browser game from scratch. Each playthrough of Tynon offers a unique gaming experience.

As you rescue more and more characters from the icy grips of death, they join your group - and soon enough, you will have a band of valiant champions fighting at your side. Each character has access to unique powers which can be used during battle. Make sure to take advantage of these skills as often as possible, especially during challenging boss fights. Leveling up, upgrading and drinking mysterious potions will also increase your power in Tynon, the fantasy browser game.

Tynon Screenshots

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