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What to expect:
  • Experience More than 485 Diverse Levels
  • Free Match-3 Game with Unique Game Mechanics
  • More than 15 Different Worlds, Each with a Unique Challenge
  • Minimalistic Flat Design with Relaxing Music
  • Challenge Your Friends by Connecting to Your Facebook
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Play TwoDots for Free on Smartphones and Tablets

A winding road awaits you in TwoDots. Don’t be fooled by the simple graphics or the cute design. This app is anything but simple!


The plot of this puzzle game might sound a little bizarre and it is probably just an excuse to present a great variety of worlds. Two dots are on an adventure traveling from the arctic cold of the tundra to the incredible heat of volcanic jungles. Each world offers a new theme and approach to this simple, yet challenging gameplay. Let us not get ahead of ourselves, however.

TwoDots is the sequel to Betaworks One’s prior endeavor called Dots. The puzzle game offers a simplistic but demanding interpretation of the match-3 genre. Most of you might be familiar with games such as Candy Crush Saga or Frozen Free Fall in which you reach your goals by connecting at least three stones of the same type. TwoDots offers a similar yet varied gameplay. Each level features dots of two to four different colors. Your goal is to complete each stage’s task in a certain number of moves. How? By connecting the dots, of course. In this mobile puzzle game, two dots of the same color already suffice in order to get rid of them. However, your overall goal is to connect at least four dots in a square to destroy all of the other dots on the stage that have the same color.

While the game design of TwoDots looks cute and innocent, the actual gameplay can be quite the challenge. Not only the quirky texts, the indie presentation, and the crisp graphics make the game worthwhile. The puzzle game itself remains rewarding at all times. The more than 135 levels get increasingly more difficult.

As mentioned above, the mobile game brings you on a journey through various worlds, each with its own theme. The ice world requires you to destroy ice blocks, the ocean to sink anchors, and the volcano lets you race against burning flames.

TwoDots is not only a mobile game which is available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, but it is also a social game which lets you battle it out against your friends on Facebook. Prove that you are the tactical mastermind as you beat their highscores, earning yourself not only three stars, but also a gold medal.

TwoDots Screenshots

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TwoDots Tests

  • TwoDots Test: The Underdog Shines Bright

    12/26/2014 04:00 am - If you think of mobile games, you cannot fail to think of match-3, such as Frozen Free Fall or Candy Crush Saga. Casual apps have pretty much made mobile gaming what it is today - a means to play on the go, a means to relive your favorite gaming...more

TwoDots News

  • TwoDots: Travel to the Blue City in New Update

    11/25/2015 06:08 am - The guys and girls over at Playdots have quite a rigid pattern of releasing updates. The studio usually launches two updates for one world, aka game mechanic. While the last two updates brought players to a spooky graveyard and introduced the slime m...more

  • TwoDots:  The Flying Lotus Palace Update Is Live

    07/20/2015 10:52 am - In late June, the guys and girls over at Playdots brought their latest game update to TwoDots. The patch added a brand new game feature to the match-3 (match-2?) title. The Lotus blossoms connect to dots of the same color when they are lying directly...more

  • TwoDots: Rise Up, Lotus, Rise – New Update

    06/30/2015 04:49 am - Pretty much exactly one month ago, we here at reported on TwoDots’s first major milestone. Publisher Playdots revealed that their addictive casual game had been downloaded more than 30 million times since its release in May 2014. In...more

TwoDots Game of the Day

  • Game of the Day: Two Dots (iOS, Android)

    02/23/2015 04:58 am - A black or white background, differently colored dots arranged in a plain pattern – that’s all you need for a fun, addicting, and challenging mobile game. At least, when you have such well thought-out gameplay as in TwoDots!...more

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