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Two Out Rally
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Two Out Rally Description

Create your own personalized baseball team, coach them to success and climb the ladder of the World Baseball League. Strategically place your players around the ball diamond and get ready for action..


Two Out Rally is a baseball management browser game, where as manager and coach you oversee your own professional baseball league team. You look after all aspects of managing a sports team, including coaching, game strategy and more.

In browser game Two Out Rally you start by creating your own baseball team. Select all the player vitals including your player's name, home town, position, height, weight and handedness (left or right). Choose your players' background and schooling. Did they attend a highly competitive Japanese school, or are they a self-taught Street Player? You decide in Two Out Rally.

The backgrounds include Quarterback, Prep School, Japanese High School, Latin American Grad, Track and Field and Street Player. There are seven different personality types including the Dude, the Showboat, the Hothead, the Captain, the Professional, the Surly and the Whiz Kid. In Two Out Rally you can assign various attribute points between visual skills, muscle build and athleticism.

In Two Out Rally you can both play on teams and own teams. Recruit other players onto your team in order to have the most powerful, highly skilled baseball team in the entire League. Talk the talk in the in-game forum with other players, and discuss all aspects of baseball. The currency in Two Out Rally is called influence and is used to create new players. You can earn more influence by completing accomplishments, winning baseball tournaments or by serving as a tester or administrator for the game. It's game on for the sports management MMOG Two Out Rally.

by Kyle Hayth

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