Twin Saga: Open Beta Is Live

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Twin Saga

Twin Saga

Aeria Games has officially started the open beta for their free-to-play MMORPG Twin Saga. Players do not need a beta key or Founder’s Pack to delve into the fantasy world of the anime game anymore.

In order to celebrate the new phase for the online game, the Berlin based studio has also released two new maps that all players can visit and explore in their Terracottage. The Waking Wetlands and Cosmic Coast feature various new quests, equipment, and never before seen monsters. It makes sense to travel to these two regions, since they continue the main plot of Twin Saga. The patch also makes the Dragonknight class available to all players. Anyone can now enjoy the HP, ATK and CRIT bonuses. The class features three ascendances making it very versatile in combat.

Aeria Games did not forget its loyal player base who has been enjoying the MMORPG since its closed beta or even before. These players can look forward to a few new challenges, as the new patch increases the level cap to 65 and adds three new dungeons. Furval’s Fantasia drops furniture and formulas, La Catedral Infernal drops Starstones, weapons, and armor, and the Bluemoon Sanctuary as well as the Ruins of Oblivion drop orange-quality equipment, Starstones, and a pet.

With the help of Accessory Evolution Scrolls, capes, rings, and necklaces can be evolved from now on. Last but not least, a small event has gone live, allowing players to dress up in a costume.

Source: Official game homepage

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