Twin Saga: Purchase Founder’s Pack for Beta Access

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Twin Saga

Twin Saga

The times in which it only required luck to join an online game in its very early testing stage seem to be over. In recent years, more and more publishers have opened up another opportunity for their community to get early access to their upcoming titles. Founder’s Packs have not only become an easy and straightforward way for players to join an online game’s beta, but it has also become an important way for publishers to continue funding the development of their titles while getting precious community feedback. The guys and girls over at Aeria Games believe in this give-and-take concept and have now started selling Founder’s Packs for their upcoming MMORPG Twin Saga.

The beta is scheduled to begin in August, and everyone who is purchasing the early access pack has a secured spot to immediately participate. Alternatively, there is always the option to register on the official game homepage to take part in the closed testing stage. In that case, participation depends entirely on luck, as only a selected number of players get a beta key for free. If players want to be certain to join the beta for Twin Saga, they should consider purchasing a Founder’s Pack. The Pioneer Pack is the cheapest one costing $19.99. It comes with 20 Astral Crystal, a Rookie Starstone Pack, and a lot more. If players want exclusive costumes and mounts, they have to be a little less frugal. Four of the seven Founder’s Packs cost $49.99, and they all include unique skins and mounts.

The two most expensive packs cost $299.99, and they include exclusive bonuses, a paraglider, as well as the companion called Claire. She supports players in battle by healing them and trying to keep them alive.

Source: Official game homepage

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