Twin Saga: Introducing the Character Classes

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Twin Saga

Twin Saga

Online roleplaying games definitely require a unique feature that distinguishes them from all the other titles of this highly contested genre. Developers try to come up with that one feature that intrigues players to give their MMORPG a try and hopefully stick around. Twin Saga certainly does not lack innovative features. It has at least two major aspects that distinguishes the online game from other generic RPGs. While it’s quite common for roleplaying games to have housing options for players, these are usually limited to an instanced area that are frequented regularly. In Twin Saga, players get to roam around the fantasy world in their movable house.

The second unique feature has to be Twin Saga’s class system. Whenever players are not battling it out against enemies, they can change their character’s class. While this might not be an entirely new invention, since games like Skyforge already feature this option, it is still fairly new and not too often found in MMORPGs. Publisher Aeria Games has now introduced all ten available classes in Twin Saga. At the beginning of their journey, players can choose between four classes: Mages, Swordmasters, Dragonknights, and Gunslingers.

The six remaining classes can be unlocked later on in their journey by completing special quests. In doing so, players can choose the Cleric, Berserker, Rogue, Paladin, Hunter, and Occultist. Every class has its very own abilities, but there are a few skills that are more universal and not bound to one specific type of fighter.

Twin Saga is scheduled to start its closed beta soon. Players can register an account and apply for the testing phase on the official game homepage. According to Aeria Games, the free-to-play MMORPG is supposed to launch later this year.

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