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Twelve Sky 2
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Twelve Sky 2 Description

Set in the mystical world of ancient China, you are called upon to join one of three rivalling factions, partake in legendary battles and gruesome duels in this action-packed MMORPG...


Twelve Sky 2 is a free-to-play client game which is focused mainly on role-playing and combat. By blending both PvP, PvE and faction vs. faction combat elements, developers of Twelve Sky 2 have ensured there is a lot of variety in game play. Aside from combat, there are a number of other features to keep your character constantly challenged. These include numerous quests, an elaborate weapon enchanting system, the ability to travel between ports, and an active community where you can network with other players.

After you have installed the client, you must choose from one of three factions. The Guanyin based in the Kailan Fortress are balanced, tranquil and powerful, and are experts with the sword, blade and marble. The Fujin based in the Ling Chi Fortress are intimidating, swift and exact, and excel with the Katana, Double Blades and Lute. The Jinong based in the Ranyan Fortress are merciless, bloodthirsty and savage, and defeat their opponents using the spear, light blade or scepter. There is a fourth faction, Nangin, which you can join only when you have reached a certain level in Twelve Sky 2.

Participate in gruesome and intense conflict in the battlegrounds, take on enemy faction players in fast-paced duels, or plan an ambush of another faction the ultimate challenge of seizing their precious faction stone. Every battle and quest brings you experience points which in turn helps your character to level up and rise to the top. Form a party or join a powerful guild and overrun your enemy with glory. As a Master take on an Apprentice and gain additional experience points. In Twelve Sky 2 your honour is rewarded with the chance to become an electoral candidate for leader of your faction. In Twelve Sky 2 you can chat to friends and other players about the game using the chat system.

Join the saga of Twelve Sky 2, and fight for fame, glory and honour as you take on your vicious opponents and lead your faction to victory.

by Kyle Hayth

Twelve Sky 2 Screenshots

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