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Truck Nation
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Truck Nation Description

Hit the road in this fun simulation! Hop behind the wheel of a truck, drive across the country, and deliver your goods. Be a jack of all trades, as you also manage your own company and make sure that it flourishes…


How do you feel about simulation games? Do you like that they allow you to have any profession that you want? You can conduct trains, fly airliners, and even become the mayor of your very own city. What if we told you that you could combine the more active parts of a simulation with the strategic elements? In Truck Nation, you will not only drive your own truck across a nation, but you will also be in charge of the finances, bureaucracy, and organization of your own company! How’s that for a tycoon game?

The simulation game is available for free in the browser of your choice and on all Android and iOS devices. This gives you the chance to play Truck Nation wherever and whenever you feel like it. You want to check out the realistic maps that feature real cities, roads, and industries while you’re on your way to work? Well, all you have to do is go to the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store and download the app. Then you can immediately delve into the truck simulation and start building your own truck company from scratch – well, almost from scratch. After having been employed by a nasty corporation which repeatedly exploited you for many years, you have been fired. Instead of sulking in your own sorrow, you start your own business spending each and every penny you have on three old trucks and a rundown factory as your headquarters. Now, it is time to hire new personnel, get them out on the street, and make some money.

Since you have to start out small, you will go behind the wheel of a truck yourself in Truck Nation, as that will save some money in the beginning. Soon, things will go your way and your money will quadruple. In the process, you will unlock more than 47 trucks, 113 upgrades for them, and hundreds of goods to deliver.

Become a successful entrepreneur and truck driver in Truck Nation!

Truck Nation Screenshots

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