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How to Play the Revenant in Trove

It‘s been a few weeks since the Revenant was added to the class roster in Trove, and players are now starting to get to a higher level with him. Now is the perfect time to have a guide to let you all in on a few secrets.

The free-to play MMORPG recently got a new tank class which is a little different to the other characters currently in the game. The Revenant uses a spear and also his health as a resource, requiring a different kind of playstyle. We are here to help you out with getting the most out of the Revenant.

The Mighty Revenant in Trove


The abilities that the Revenant has are different to anything else we’ve seen in Trove, so listen carefully as the Revenant has some powerful tools at his disposal.

  • Vengeful Spirits: His passive skill is interesting; it gives him health regeneration by healing whenever left click is used, but the most powerful aspect is the Spirit Wrath that prevents death.
  • Bulwark Bash: This is the first taunt skill in Trove, and extremely useful. When playing in a group this skill can easily save the life of an ally and prevent anything bad from happening.
  • Spirit Spears: The main damaging ability for the Revenant. Spirit Spears does more damage based on maximum health, so stacking items with health helps loads.
  • Spirit Storm: The ultimate ability is one of the strongest in the game. It surrounds the player in a fiery cyclone that heals allies and does massive damage to enemies. This also does damage based on max health.
Some fo the Classes in Trove

Some fo the Classes in Trove


As you can probably tell from the ability descriptions, the Revenant is in his element when stacking stats that benefit his health pool. The most important stat is maximum health, but when playing this hefty tank you’re going to need a nice mix of HP %, HP Regeneration, and maybe even some Movement Speed if necessary. Once you’ve found the best balance between these stats, the Revenant turns into an unkillable dungeon clearing machine.


The gameplay and skill rotation for the Revenant is pretty simple. One you’ve got yourself some gear, killing enemies won’t be a problem. To make the most of the skillset, make sure that you’re using Spirit Storm whenever possible, as it will melt enemies and keep your allies healthy. At the same time, keep using the Spirit Spears to do some serious damage to your foes. If ever your health drops a little low, just chug on a health potion to keep yourself topped up.

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