Trove: Guide to the Ice Sage

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How to Play the Ice Sage in Trove

After the announcement that Trove is now available on mac, the voxel MMORPG is getting a bunch of new players. As ever, we are here to help out by giving you tips and tricks to get the most out of your Trove adventure.

The Ice Sage is one of the more popular characters for new players, because who doesn’t like a mage that freezes enemies and drops shards of ice on their foes. The Ice Sage is a good class that is effective at dealing damage, and also has good survivability. We have a complete guide to classes here if you're still undecided on which class to play. Read on for a full run-down of the Ice Sage, and how to play it effectively.

Powerful Ice Mage

The abilities of the Ice Sage center on controlling enemies while dealing damage. Once you have got to grips with the different ice-themed abilities, you’ll be dealing loads of damage in no time at all.



  • Cold Hearted: This is the Ice Sage’s passive skill, and will chill enemies hit by your basic attack, and also stop you from sliding around on ice.
  • Ice Crash: This is the attack you’re going to be using the most. Ice Crash summons huge chunks of ice that drop down on your enemies. It has a short cast time and does good damage.
  • Frozen Ward: This is a really useful ability that buffs your attack speed, movement speed, and attack damage. On top of this, Frozen Ward prevents any damage that is over 10% of your health, meaning you can survive some heavy damage from bosses.
  • Big Chill: This is your ultimate ability. It freezes all enemies, including bosses. Their health also freezes, but any damage done will be taken off their health, plus a bit more, when the Big Freeze ends. If you use this ability on your own, it seems a bit underwhelming, but as soon as you’re in a group, the damage of all of your allies also counts, so you’re a vital part of a raiding team.

The Tombraiser in Trove

Stats, stats, and more stats.

It’s always a little confusing when you start playing Trove, as this particular MMORPG doesn’t follow all of the same rules as many other games in the genre. Even though the Ice Sage is a magic damage dealing character, the class doesn’t need the traditional intelligence and ability power items.

  • Attack Speed: Having this stat on the Ice Mage is great, as the faster that you can attack, the more slows you will be able to land on your enemies.
  • Health: This stat is always useful. Health allows you to take more damage, be more effective when soloing, and also helps a lot with the Frozen Ward ability.
  • Energy Regen: This is vital, as you’ll often find yourself spamming your Ice Crash and Frozen Ward abilities, and the worst this to happen is to run out of energy to cast them.

Chronomancer Qubesly stands Next to a Pirate Captain in Trove

Emblems and Allies

Which Emblem or Ally to use is always a difficult question in the free-to-play game from Trion Worlds. There are so many different options to choose from, and it’s not always clear. In terms of Emblems, the Ice Sage can make very good use of the Arcane Emblem do deal even more damage, or the Vampiric Emblem to keep yourself alive when questing or soloing enemies.

For companions, Chronomancer Qubesly is a very good choice, as is the Feisty Flamedancer as it will help improve energy regen so you can cast those sweet Ice Crashes.

Ice Sage Guide for Trove

Ice Sage Guide for Trove

Tactics and Strategies

To be perfectly honest, there are no special strategies or tactics that you can use with the Ice Sage, like there are with other classes. The best thing to do is to walk backwards, while slowing people with your chilling autoattacks and dropping ice on their head with Ice Crash. The Ice Sage shines most when you play in a group, as your Big Chill ability can help your allies deal loads of damage.

Excellent Support MageIce Ward has a Short Duration
Ice Ward Prevents Heavy DamageNot a High Damage Output
Good SurvivabilityCan have Problems Soloing Dungeons
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