Trove: Beginners Guide to Professions

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Profession Tips for Trove

The voxel MMORPG from Trion Worlds is getting an influx of new players wanting to try the game. We are here to help new Trove players find their feet in the free to play game.

Professions in trove, unlike other MMOs are actually pretty simple. As with many other MMORPG games, it’s not cheap in terms of materials needed to max a profession, but it’s never too early to start levelling them up, as you can use the materials you find as you journey through the game. As you get towards the top end of the profession levels, you can craft some valuable and very useful items. There are currently 3 professions to choose from; Gardening, Ring Crafting, and Runecrafting.

Gardening in Trove (


Gardening is a profession that doesn’t have a massive direct impact on your character or the gameplay. Gardening is mainly used to grow and craft cosmetic items that can make your cornerstone beautiful.

One of the main benefits of Gardening is being able to grow Steed Feed. Steed Feed is vital if you want to have some of the most impressive mounts in the game. Steed Feed is also very valuable, so if you want to make a load of cash, then gardening is probably the profession you’ll want to pick up. Although you’ll tear through enough Sunlight Bulbs to sink a ship, it will all be worth it in the end when you have your endless supply of Steed Seed.

Mining for Resources

Ring Crafting

Ring Crafting is the profession to pick up if you want your efforts to have a direct effect on your character and its ability to deal damage or survive the attacks of your foes. When you craft a ring you get to choose the primary stat of the ring, and the secondary stat is completely random between jump, knockback, stability, magic find, HP regeneration, and energy regeneration.

The primary stats for rings are as follows:

  • Vitality: This will give you a ring with Maximum Health as the primary stat.
  • Wisdom: This creates a Magic Damage ring.
  • Power: Physical Damage is the primary stat for this ring.
  • Delving: Creative types should choose this as Lasermancy is the primary stat.

As with Gardening, you’re going to need a load of materials. With Ring Crafting, Shapestone is the material that will be most useful for you, which you can find while mining or wandering around the world.

Runecrafting in Trove (


Runecrafting is a nice mix between a profession that lets you create some cosmetic items to deck out your cornerstone, and functional items that help you advance quicker through the game. Deconstructing existing items and getting blank recipes will be something that you’re going to have to get used to. Creating new recipes out of old ones is how you level up and advance through the profession. These new recipes will teach you how to make some cool blocks for you to build with, like glass and steel.

Towards the end of the Runecrafting profession Tomes become available. Tomes are items you can equip and gather resources with, that will dish out nice rewards like flux and infinium to help you out. This profession even has its own custom mount that you can craft, the Floating Formula.

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