Trove: Tips for New Players

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Tips and Tricks for Trove

Tips and Tricks for Trove

The MMORPG genre can sometimes be a bit daunting, as you are faced with a veritable wall of information the second you step foot into a game. World chat is flooded with completely alien acronyms and words, there are more hotkeys than you have buttons on your keyboard, and they don’t often come with an instruction manual. Trove is a game that, while not as instantly confusing as other MMOs, can be difficult for new players to grasp.

Here at, we have used our experience from playing the game to get together a bunch of tips that will help new players out.

Trove can sometmes be daunting for new players.

Group Up

  • You don’t share loot, experience or resources. This means that no matter how many people you are grouped with, everyone gets exactly the same loot. So that one “mind if roll need” guy doesn’t need to get votekicked.

Join a Club

  • You have no reason to not join a club. There are thriving communities in the game, and they all have a lot more access to crafting tools and various resources that you’re going to want to use. There are also loads of people around to help you out with any questions.

Use the Dodge Button

  • As we mentioned before, the hotkeys aren’t always obvious, but the dodge button is something all players should use. It is mapped by default to the middle mouse button, and allows you to dodge damage from all kinds of enemies. Enemies will often do a fairly obvious animation before they do a big attack, so it’s usually easy to avoid.

Don't Worry Too Much About Your Cornerstone

  • At the start of the game, you’re going to be in awe at the creations that other people have built for their cornerstone. You don’t have access to most of the materials yet, so don’t even bother trying. As you go through the game you’ll unlock recipes for aesthetic items that you can decorate your cornerstone with later on.

Be Wary of Global Chat

  • As a general rule, monitor chat for a few minutes if you have a question about something. Chances are, five dozen other people will have exactly the same question. You do have to sift through a good amount of replies that are dripping with sarcasm, but you’ll get the information eventually. A much better alternative is asking question to club members, as they tend to be less bitter.
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