Trove: Chloromancer Class Preview

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Rift meets Trove in newest game update!

Our favorite voxel MMORPG Trove is getting a brand new class, inspired by the Chloromancer in Rift. This class uses forces of nature to deal damage to enemies and heal their allies in battle.

Trion Worlds (Devilian, Atlas Reactor) release updates for their blocky MMORPG frequently; adding new classes, dungeons, and much more. This time around the guys and girls behind Trove have taken a leaf (heh) out of their Rift development book and included the iconic Chloromancer in their latest MMORPG.

A Force of Nature

The Chloromancer in Action in Trove

The defining characteristic of the Chloromancer is the ability to command the forces of nature herself, and use these powers to create leafy nightmares for enemies, or healing magic for allies. The class is a well-rounded blend between DPS and Healer, making sure to fill whichever role is needed at the time. Check out the Chloromancer’s skills below:

  • Phytobarrier (Passive): Whenever the Chloromancer’s health goes below 50% a shield appears and prevents damage equal to a percentage of max health.
  • Leafy Lasher (Right-click): Drop a small plant that grows over time, once it reaches its full power the leafy lasher unleashes a whirlwind that damages and roots all enemies.
  • Blooming Pollinator (1): Drop a healing flower that can be boosted with the main attack. It heals allies when growing and explodes when reaching full power to damage nearby foes.
  • Sow Chaos (2): A small seedling jumps around the Chloromancer and throws out healing flowers and leafy lashers. These plants grow faster than the normal versions.
Chloromancer is Coming to Trove

Chloromancer is Coming to Trove

Free Trove and Rift Content

Trion Worlds is giving players a little Christmas gift by allowing them to unlock the new Chloromancer for free and also giving away a cool Trove cloak in Rift. All players have to do to unlock the Chloromancer is complete a new quest in Rift called “Blocked!” which can be picked up in Sanctum or Meridian. To get the Trove cape in Rift, just level any class up to level 10, and the cape will be available.

The Chloromancer will be available in Trove on the 15th of December, so click the button below and head over to the official website to download Trove for free.

Source: Official Website

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