Trove: PvP Battleverse Has Arrived

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Battle Menu in Trove PvP

Battle Menu in Trove PvP

Our favorite voxel-based MMORPG Trove is getting a new PvP Battleverse update. Players can finally face-off against each other in the arena and fight for glory, honor, and some awesome loot from Battle Boxes.

Fans of the free-to-play game from Trion Worlds (Rift) have been asking for a full on PvP mode ever since the game launched. It’s now clear that Trion has been listening closely to its player-base and community, as there is now a huge PvP update in Trove packed full of content, loot, battle arenas, and banners. Players should be sharpening their swords and practicing their spells in preparation for taking down their enemies.

PvP Mode Is Now in Trove

Capture the Flag Action

Anyone familiar with capture the flag will feel right at home when first starting the new Battle Arena. Each team has to retrieve the enemy teams’ flag and return it to their home base, all while preventing the enemy from doing the same. As players gain experience in the arena, they will get experience to rank up, and get a Battle Factor awarded to them. This Battle Factor dictates how many sweet Battle Boxes full of loot are received each week. One of the rewards is a Battle Banner, which can give additional stats of differing quality. The banners can be broken down to get Arenta Tokens which can be spent on unique PvP mounts.

Customizable Arenas

As with anything in Trove, it’s possible to build your very own Battle Arena. Players can use an Arena Terraformer in their Club World to build a unique and exciting Battle Arena tailored exactly to their specifications. It’s possible to decide the spawning locations for each team, the flag, and all of the power ups. The shiny new arena will then be available for all to play with.

Trove is completely free-to-play and available for download by clicking the button below. For anyone that wants to learn more, check out our full test of the game here.

Source: Official Website

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