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Tronji World
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Tronji World Description

Embark on a colorful and exciting adventure, where you can follow in the footsteps of all your favorite characters from the popular Tronji TV series. The Tronji await you...


Tronji World is a massively multiplayer online game, adapted from the Tronji television series. The free-to-play client game has over 25 different lands to explore, as well as exciting quests and missions. You start your Tronji World adventure by first creating your very own personalized Tronji character. Once you have created your character, you are transported into the colorful and fun Tronji World. Once there you can play a variety of games and puzzles, take on other players in exciting snowboarding and car races, or accept thrilling quests and missions.

There are 26 different environments to explore in the free-to-play fantasy game Tronji World, each of which has its own challenges. The online game is set in a vast, quirky and colorful world, supported by rich 3D graphics. You have the chance to wander across misty plains, weave in and out of gigantic red flowers, and climb the rolling purple hills in the client game Tronji World.

Each player of the game is assigned their own Tronjipedia, where achievements, honors and experiences are stored. This is a great way to show other players just how much of the Tronji World you have conquered and how many missions you have successfully completed! You will also find a simple social networking and chat system that offers private chat, friends or team chat, and public chat.

The fun fantasy-themed game requires players to download a game client in order to get started, and is thereafter played through the web. Get to know all your favorite characters, make new friends, and discover an exciting new world in this free-to-play online game.

by Kyle Hayth

Tronji World Screenshots

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