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Trivia Crack
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Trivia Crack Description

Available on mobile devices and Facebook, this quiz game will work your brain cells and make you wish you paid better attention during class back in school. Climb the trivia throne as you challenge other players and show off what you know!


Whether it’s Trivial Pursuit or Pyramid: Everyone loves a good quiz game! The ultimate idea behind games like these is for players to be able to show off their general knowledge and woo other gamers into thinking that they are the smartest. Trivia Crack is a free mobile app that allows you to do just that. Download it on your iOS, Android or Windows mobile device and get ready to take on fellow know-it-alls from all around the globe. Spin the wheel and watch it land one of the six colors of the rainbow! Each and every color represents a certain category in this free-to-play game. These are:

• Art
• Science
• Sports
• Entertainment
• Geography
• History
• Special

Once a category is chosen by Lady Luck herself, it’s up to you to let your wisdom shine and answer the question that is presented to you. Four different answers are available. Careful: Only one is correct! The nifty user interface will immediately inform you if you are right or wrong after tapping the respective tab and then send you on to the next question. Answer three in a row to potentially unlock the category's character and take one step towards victory!

Trivia Crack is a social mobile experience in which you take on other players - whether they are friends, family or strangers that you have never met before. It doesn’t matter if you know the person you are competing against or not, as everyone will be gunning to successfully unlock all six characters just the same. Every game has a maximum of 25 rounds.

In this brain game similar to QuizUp, it is important to not focus on only one certain area of knowledge. You will need to know a little bit of everything to achieve victory in Trivia Crack or, if you have no idea what the correct answer might be, at least be a gifted guesser. Three extra spins are available to all participating players per match-up. Use them wisely if you find yourself in a pickle while playing the casual online game available for Facebook, phones and tablets.

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