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Tribonia Description

Draw your weapons, polish your armour and be prepared to confront legions of fire-breathing dragons, horrifying orcs and evil goblins in a mystical and enchanting world...


Embark on a dangerous adventure to the mythological and colourful world of Tribonia, where enemies lurk around every corner and heart-stopping adventures await you. Fight scores of monstrous dragons, and take on your ferocious enemies as you defend your land alone or with your guild.

Due to the unique highly strategic combat system in the interactive world of Tribonia, battles are won not only by speed, but also by employing clever techniques and strategic thinking. Form a strong guild with your friends and other players alike to take on the fierce enemies of the land – the bigger your guild, the stronger your defence against your evil opponents. The weapons in the game are powerfully customisable and have a large variety of radiuses and ranges – choose the weapon of your choice and modify it as best you can.

With a unique 'house operating system' in Tribonia, you are able to make your mark on the land by building a house in the location of your choice – will you build a productive farm with which to cultivate the natural goodness of the land, or a well-fortified castle for defence? The fate of your land is in your hands, and the decision is yours.

Choose from one of four classes of character - each character has unique fighting and strategic skills and abilities. In the fantasy MMORPG Tribonia your character must accept life-risking quests to take part in bloody battles against the most ferocious monsters of the land – be it screeching dragons, grumbling orcs or pesky goblins.

The free to play browser game Tribonia has been developed by German games developer InnoGames (Tribal Wars, The West) and features highly developed in-game graphics, a unique strategic combat system and an interactive world full of unstoppable adventures for you to discover.

by Kyle Hayth

Tribonia Screenshots

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