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Tribes: Ascend
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Tribes: Ascend Description

Prepare for battle by strapping on your jetpack and loading up your weapons. Fight alongside others in a bid to claim the battlefield and glory for your team!


In the free-to-play shooter, Tribes: Ascend, you can get lost in a futuristic world which is filled with strange creatures and expansive landscapes. This is where you will take the fight to your enemies with jetpacks, rock-hard armor and powerful weapons.

There are many different maps on which you can take the fight to your enemy in Tribes: Ascend. The most important thing in these battles is teamwork. If you cannot work together with your team, you will be quickly removed from the field of battle by your opponents. Only with a solid strategy and a single goal can your team be victorious.

In Tribes: Ascend, there is never a lull in the fight. The free-to-play, first-person shooter will put you into firefights that seem to have you surrounded by enemies. However, you have powerful equipment at your side with which you can fight back. Use your unique weapons to take down a target or quickly escape a hairy situation with the help of your jetpack.

There are also different game modes for you to experience in Tribes: Ascend. For example, in the multiplayer battle you can take to the battlefield with up to 32 different players from around the world. Prove yourself by defeating them and taking the glory for your own team.

Tribes: Ascend takes you to a science-fiction universe where you must battle for the right to call the numerous maps your own. Participate in various game modes with players from around the world in order to perfect a strategy to come out the victors!

by Kyle Hayth

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