Tribal Wars: As World Nears Capacity, New Getting Ready to Launch

01/18/2011 03:51 am in News

Publisher InnoGames has announced that they will be introducing a new Tribal Wars world to be played starting January 31st. This comes as a result of the map nearing full capacity in world 54 and it will include all the features of the Tribal Wars 7.0 Update.
Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars

At 17:00 server time world 55 will be going live. This new server will feature the 7.0 content including militias, account manager, tribe wars and awards/milestones. As a side note, the Tribal Wars team added, this is not the expected "no-haul" server.

Some of the important settings of the server for you if you intend on playing on the new Tribal Wars server include Speed being at 1.1. There will be bonus villages as well as barbarian villages growing to 2000. You can choose your starting direction and there will be a gap of 50ms between attack and support.

Tribal Wars is a classic browser-based strategy game. Conquer the world by building armies, building a wealth of resources and using sound tactics to assert your authority and rule the world.

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