Tribal Wars: Soon to Be on an iPad Near You

03/08/2013 09:45 am by Kyle Hayth in NewsBrowser GamesInnoGames

Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars

Ever been on the go and wanted to check up on your latest conquest in the free-to-play online strategy game, Tribal Wars? Now you can because publishers InnoGames have announced that Tribal Wars is now available on all iOS devices.

iPad, iPad Mini, i-Whatever-Apple-Has-Churned-Out – all of them now allow you to play Tribal Wars on the go, thanks go InnoGames making the title available to all iOS systems. You no longer have an excuse to not be online.

There have several game features that have been optimized for the mobile version of Tribal wars – including the repot and mail screen. Additionally, the number of buttons available on the main screen has been increased to allow for faster navigation.
In fact, having the app even gives you an advantage – it allows for pre-registration for worlds that haven’t started yet. Get an early jump on other players and create a tribe with friends as soon as the world goes live.

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