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Tribal Wars
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Tribal Wars Description

Found a medieval village and fight for its very survival as you build an empire from the ground up in this free-to-play, browser-based strategy game...


Tribal Wars will take you on a journey back in time to the Middle Ages where cold steel and an iron fist decided fates. You assume the role of a village leader and you must help your village prosper and grow. Only with a close eye and competent leadership will let your village flourish and become a kingdom.

To help the production of your village in Tribal Wars, you will not only have to collect resources, but trade them with other players as well. This ensures a steady stream of good that will keep your little kingdom thriving and allow you to develop it with new buildings.

If you wish to accomplish anything in Tribal Wars, you will have to continuously build new structures and upgrade them. Not doing so could result in a weak state and if that happens, it could lead to you being attacked by other kingdoms.

Of course, this means you must protect your city from any possible threat from the outside. This can be done by recruiting units to help defend your village and building up a strong army. This will create a bastion that will withstand nearly any attack.

Remember, you are not the only player in Tribal Wars and the Middle Ages are an age full of cutthroat rulers just waiting to take what is yours. This is why you can join an alliance and be a member of a larger organization, providing you with allies and friends. Choose wisely though, because just like everything else in Tribal Wars, every strategic move has consequences...

by Kyle Hayth

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