Tribal Wars 2: Almost Ready for Closed Beta Testing

06/17/2014 04:28 am by Anna Radak in NewsBrowser GamesStrategy

Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2

The time that dedicated strategy fans have been waiting for has finally come: Tribal Wars 2 is going into closed beta! This is the very first time more than just a handful of selected players will soon have the chance to dive into the medieval browser game and let InnoGames (Grepolis, The West) know what they think of the new units, real-time combat and overall gameplay. If you have yet to sign up for Tribal Wars 2, you can do so by visiting the official game homepage or clicking the green button below. Just remember to do so before June 24th, the day closed beta begins.
The closed beta will ultimately kick off on Tuesday next week. Its main goal is to test the game for bugs and performance issues. Over time, more and more beta participants will be invited to join until everyone gets the chance to not only try the browser version, but also log into their empire from iOS or Android mobile devices during open beta. Until then, enjoy the early access or keep an eye out for closed beta key giveaways here on!

Source: Press release

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