Tribal Wars 2: Closed Beta Key Giveaway

08/19/2014 04:54 am by Anna Radak in GiveawaysBrowser GamesStrategy

Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2 is currently in closed beta testing, meaning that only selected players get to try out the new strategy browser game and rise to fame and fortune in a medieval setting. Do you want to be a part of that elite crowd and see what the free MMORTS has to offer? Good thing we have closed beta keys to give away, then! All you have to do is enter you e-mail address below and hit the button. If there’s still a key left, one will immediately make its way to your mail inbox.

This giveaway has ended.

Once you have received our e-mail, you can sign up an account and redeem the key. Easy peasy!

Tribal Wars 2 is a classic strategy game with a new twist: Gather resources, set up your own little kingdom and become more and more powerful as you recruit new troops and conquer barbarian camps that surround your village. Keep an eye out for other players, as they could either turn into a loyal ally or your worst enemy. We recommend joining a guild as soon as possible, just to have other settlers help you through sticky situations and provide supplies if needed.
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