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Tribal Wars 2
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  • Completely Free online browser content
  • Massive multiplayer community
  • Strategic battle and castle managment challenges
  • PvP battles in a medieval world
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The sequel to the original Tribal Wars browser title features real-time combat, new gameplay mechanics and a vast scenery of medieval lands, ready to be conquered by your troops. This strategy game is also available for mobile Android and iOS devices.


Tribal Wars 2 is a strategy browser game that’s based on real-time combat. That means that any confrontation that takes place within this medieval world, whether it is epic battles or diplomatic agreements, will play out before your eyes as it is happening online. The free-to-play title is developed and published by InnoGames, the German publisher also responsible for the game’s predecessor, Tribal Wars. While the first installment of the game had various names across the continent (including Die Stämme or Guerre Tribale), the the sequel goes by the international title of Tribal Wars 2.

Annihilating opposing forces and defeating others not only requires you to recruit a massive amount of units and upgrade their attributes, but also to gather as many resources as you can. Tribal Wars 2 offers all the materials you would expect from a medieval strategy game: lumber, ore, iron and gold coins. These can be used to construct buildings and train an army of spearmen, archers and heavy cavalry; defensive units include axe fighters and siege weaponry such as rams and catapults.

While most of the many challenging missions can be completed on your own, it is recommended to join forces with other players. Make your decision wisely, as a balanced guild will give you access to enough allies to have your back, should push come to shove. Adding a guild tag to your name signals opposing strategists that you're a force to be reckoned with and will most likely keep them from assailing your base early in the game. And if other Tribal Wars 2 players do decide to attack your fortress, you have plenty of friends to cover your defenses.

If you are uncertain about what you could have done to end a battle on better terms, just sneak a peek into your latest battle reports. These will give you all the information you need about how the fight played out, which units had to lay down their lives to save your empire and where the attack took place. Moving up in the world of Tribal Wars 2 is certainly no easy task, but any strategy fan should have no problem keeping an iron grip over their troops. With the right amount of dedication and thought-out tactics, no one will be able to keep you from climbing the browser game’s ranking.

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