Tribal Trouble 2
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Tribal Trouble 2
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Tribal Trouble 2 Description

Set in a zany and colorful Viking village, this real-time strategy game puts you in the shoes of Chief of your own Viking tribe. Make a name for yourself as a powerful clan leader!


Tribal Trouble 2 is a browser based strategy game set in a wacky Viking world. There are various elements to the game, which need to be managed in order for you to be a roaring success. Build up a buzzing town from scratch, by designing and upgrading various buildings. Train and expand a fearless tribe of Vikings to launch attacks on enemy players, as well as to defend your precious town from the grips of evil.

Every island in the browser based MMORTS Tribal Trouble 2 can either be conquered of has a series of island challenges that need to be completed. With victory, come new challenges, more resources, and a growing reputation as a powerful, strategic and wise Chief of Vikings!

Complete tricky and exciting quests in order to gain experience and earn precious gold resources! The more quests you complete in the online game Tribal Trouble 2, the more gold you will earn. This acquired gold can be used to purchase new troops, building upgrades, and even aesthetic and cosmetic pieces for your Viking Chief – how you use your gold is up to you.

By successfully managing all of these elements using a strategic and tactical approach, your Viking village can rise to the top, striving to become the most infamous in the free-to-play MMORTS Tribal Trouble 2. Not only will you come face-to-face with your player enemies, but there are also wild rumors ablaze about a new menace sailing the seas of the online game Tribal Trouble 2.

by Kyle Hayth

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Tribal Trouble 2 Screenshot-0Tribal Trouble 2 Screenshot-1Tribal Trouble 2 Screenshot-2Tribal Trouble 2 Screenshot-3Tribal Trouble 2 Screenshot-4Tribal Trouble 2 Screenshot-5Tribal Trouble 2 Screenshot-6Tribal Trouble 2 Screenshot-7Tribal Trouble 2 Screenshot-8Tribal Trouble 2 Screenshot-9Tribal Trouble 2 Screenshot-10Tribal Trouble 2 Screenshot-11Tribal Trouble 2 Screenshot-12Tribal Trouble 2 Screenshot-13Tribal Trouble 2 Screenshot-14

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