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Tribal Rush
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Tribal Rush Description

Muster for battle and put together a band of fearless warriors in a strategy game that's available on iOS and Android mobile devices. The time has come to set up a good defense and venture out into the unknown, conquering enemy villages left and right...


Contrary to popular belief, online games are not just, well, fun and games. Oftentimes, players are asked to go up against each other in strategy battles and Tribal Rush is no exception. The mobile game invites you to take control of a tribe and recruit an army of valiant soldiers, willing to both defend your territory and attack other villages. You start with just a few buildings and resources to your name, but with the right tactic it won’t take long before you gain ranks and dominate the battlefield! Life in this fantasy universe never gets boring, as there’s always someone looking to question your authority. Whether it be cheeky bandits or other gamers interested in taking over your turf: Build sturdy walls and set up patrols to make sure they can’t get very far...

It takes a village, as they say, to make it big in Tribal Rush. This of course refers to the fact that you will need hundreds of units to keep up with the competition in the free-to-play app, but also that there’s an entire online community waiting for you as soon as you log in. Some players will remain hostile towards you even after you have proven your worth in the eternal battlegrounds, others will be glad to join your side in combat and help you take down the toughest of opponents in the strategy mobile game. Making new friends in Tribal Rush actually pays off in more than just one way, as keeping in touch with like-minded players will give you access to free gifts and other rewards on a daily basis.

Whether you find yourself joining a warband or follow the path of a lone warrior, one thing is for certain in Tribal Rush: You need towers. Towers are what keep nosy intruders from entering your territory, so it is highly recommended to not only build them, but also to upgrade their firepower. Using resources to put up defensive structures is absolutely necessary if you want to succeed in this app that’s similar to Clash of Clans or Boom Beach. Find the right balance and it’ll only be a matter of time until enemy warlords will shiver with fear whenever they hear your name whispered in the strategy game...

Tribal Rush Screenshots

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