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Tribal Hero
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Tribal Hero Description

Building an empire from the ground up is no easy task. As the commander of your civilization, it will be up to you to develop your culture and defend your citizens from day one in this free-to-play strategy title.


In Tribal Hero, you won’t be crowned a hero or a genius from the get go, this is an honor you will have to earn through hard work and clever planning. Every aspect of your civilization’s well being is in your hands. You will start by gathering up the resources to build up your city, erecting new buildings for various purposes. More than just housing for your citizens, you will need to allow the technological and cultural aspects of your tribe to advance by providing places where your people can make this happen on their own. Constructing churches or libraries will provide more than just shelter from the elements or more walls to help the defense of your city, such places allow your people to expand their minds and increase their willingness to follow your commands and honor your leadership.

This is only the beginning though, as everyone knows for an empire to truly earn being called an empire, it must expand beyond its humble beginnings and initial borders, exploring uncharted territories and conquering lesser folk to acquire the wealth of their land and the power of their working class. There are various ways to conquer your foes and make new allies, but the simplest is surely the deployment of a well oiled war machine. Develop mighty armies equipped with catapults and siege weapons to obliterate any who stand in your path. Train warriors to fight for you and lead them across the field of battle until your foes have been vanquished and the spoils of war have been plundered. Take everything you can when you have defeated your enemies and use it to your benefit.

Warfare is not the only way to expand though, you can also form alliances to expand the reach of your trade and increase the wealth of your tribe through peaceful methods. Teaming up with other players will not only place more resources at your disposal, but also secure your borders against invasion from outside forces with the help of an army much greater than you could manage on your own. Everything is yours for the taking in the RTS game Tribal Hero.

by Jonathan Smith

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