Trials Frontier: Frostpocalypse Update Hits App Stores

04/16/2015 04:08 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsRacingAction

Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier

Even though there was a small update for Valentine’s Day, it’s been quite a while since Trials Frontier got its last major content update. Luckily, the motocross community has to wait no longer, as the guys and girls over at Ubisoft have now released a new patch called Frostpocalypse. It seems a little random that the studio would release a winter update just as the temperatures are going up again and the first flowers are in bloom. Those players that can deal with this paradox should head on over to their respective app store and download the patch to enjoy the following features.

A winter themed update in the middle of April? Sure...

The Frostpocalypse brings 16 brand new world tracks and new missions to Trial Frontiers. Naturally, all of them are winter-themed. Obviously, the drivers would be bitter cold in their usual attires, which is why the update introduces six new outfits featuring new powers. Four new paint jobs will make players’ bikes reflect the icy theme of this new update. Last but not least, the Frostpocalypse brings the Donkey Bike to Trial Frontiers.

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